I’ve always felt like my life was a maze, full of dark nights and delays/somebody hit the lights now let me display my life from the stage. Boy this is life from a grave, raised up from trifling ways/from a town when beef is high don't speak cause them rifles will wave. Most of my patnas don't rap, they’re clapped or spend nights in a cage/where i'm from youngins don't scrap they strapped and they’re liable to spray. Words of OG's is like the bible, idols rolling in regals/i know at least twelve disciples on sight who’s never met Jesus. Bloods and crips on a power trip, fighting over whose block is this/mothers on their knees praying asking God if He’s watching this. It’s common to be fatherless, heroes far from metropolis/they got two middle fingers up, thugging like tupacalyps. I grew up, hitting licks like a new stamp/run up on that new truck, get you for that new amp. Come up off them eighteens, run them junks like bootcamp/it’s drama, when stomachs rumble and mama ain't got no foodstamps. I wasn’t raised on caillou, just neighborhood crip and piru/whole family from the hood, violate their laws and they’ll try you. Youngin told me “Christians don't know disfunction” well i do/my daddy’s alcoholic my older sister gets high too. Cause life can get depressing, it’ll drive you crazy/homies drop out of school get GEDs and join the Navy. Or they get locked up when they 20, and parole in eighty/or they get zipped up while they mama scream they killed my baby. This is for every kid from my city to yours who live in a duplex/in hand-me-downs admiring trappers wrapped in a new lex. Im trying to be your light through this darkness i’ve been where you at/that’s why i keep my ear to the streets it’s like i’ve been suplexed. Aint caught up in no rap politics i rather let you flex/hear Camden in my speech, I could give 2 bleeps about who’s next. Or who’s best in your top five, i'm Tony they say who that/ex-crip from Camden hoping you hear what i say and shoot less. This testimony serves and my treasure from deep within, pour my soul out through this pin, hope to reach you where ever you at. So here’s my story how God delivered me from that blue set/i'm broken like the rest, God is beauty i'm just His cute mess. Camden. 

Im from the 870, im from the 870, yeah you know. Im from the 870, God bless the 870, heaven
knows we need it.